Speech Sound Disorders

Are you having trouble pronouncing certain sounds? Do others have a difficult time understanding you? A speech sound disorder could be the reason.

Voice Disorders

Lose your voice often? Feel pain while speaking or swallowing? Have a raspy or rough speaking voice? An underlying pathology or speaking habit might be causing your voice to function less than optimally.

Fluency Disorders

Fluency disorders include stuttering and cluttering. If you find yourself getting stuck on words, repeating sounds, words, and phrases, or having atypical rate and rhythm of speech, it is possible a fluency disorder is present.

Specialty Services

The clinicians at New York Speech Pathology offer specialized services based on specific training and unique clinical experience. These include speech coaching, accent modification, vocal coaching, and singing voice rehabilitation.

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At New York Speech Pathology, our mission is to create a compassionate, nurturing environment to best serve our clients. We seek to endow individuals with the ability to express themselves fully, as a means to realizing their greatest potential. Dedication to providing healing and assistance for those with speech difficulties of all varieties fuels our clinicians. Our practice was founded on a basis of compassion, commitment, and creativity. As such, we strive to maintain a spirit of positivity, encouragement, and hospitality inside and outside of therapy.

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