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Specialty Services

The clinicians at New York Speech Pathology are pleased to offer specialized services based on specific training and unique clinical experience.

Singing Voice Rehabilitation

For singers, nothing is considered more precious than the voice. Unfortunately, singers are not immune to voice disorders. Like other professional voice users, singers rely heavily on vocal functioning. Just like not all SLPs are voice therapists, not all voice therapists specialize in the singing voice. At New York Speech Pathology, we offer specialized singing voice rehabilitation with a dual certified speech-language pathologist and voice teacher. Even after rehabilitation is complete, the staff at New York Vocal Coaching can assist singers with further enhancing their vocal technique.

Bilingual Services

For speakers of multiple languages, understanding a speech or language disorder becomes increasingly complex.

As children acquire a second language, their patterns of verbal expression are often affected and may cause concern for parents. A crucial distinction is that between a language difference and a language disorder. A language difference simply refers to seemingly “atypical” communication patterns resulting from a culturally or linguistically diverse background. A language disorder is a true disruption in the cognitive processes involved with language comprehension or production, and presents in every language the individual speaks. In the case of a language difference exclusively, speech and language services are not warranted, though recommendations can be made to address specific concerns of the client. Our certified bilingual clinician is trained to evaluate children and adults from diverse backgrounds to efficiently determine the presence or absence of a true disorder. She has primary experience with Spanish-speaking populations, though speakers of any language may be evaluated provided base proficiency in English.

For those who require intervention, therapy is available in English or Italian. Therapy will address the language or speech delays in one language, as research has shown that improvement in one language facilitates improvements in a speaker’s other language(s). If the client speaks a language other than English or Italian, analysis of proficiency will determine the need for a translator or referral to an outside clinician certified in the client’s strongest language. While therapy in English can be effective for bilingual speakers, we do not treat anyone who would benefit more strongly from services in another language if resources to do so are available.

In the case of an adult with a language difference who wishes to improve speech clarity, accent modification services may be appropriate.

Tutti i nostri servizi sono disponibili in Italiano.

Accent Modification

We typically refer to what our clients would call “accent reduction” as “accent modification” or “accent acquisition.” An “accent” or “dialect” refers to the manner in which certain sounds are created/pronounced, coupled with the intonation and stress patterns of a person’s speech. Whether noticeable or subtle, everyone has an accent or dialect! An accent is usually a clue as to where the speaker was born or where the speaker has spent a great deal of time. Your native language, geographic location, and cultural background influence the way you articulate sounds while speaking. Your accent can influence the way you come across to listeners, which may or may not accurately reflect how you wish to be perceived. Some people find their ability to fully express themselves limited by their accent and seek a sound they feel is more “neutral” or clear to the listeners of the language they are speaking.

With accent reduction/modification/acquisition, you will learn how to produce a neutral, Standard American Dialect. Do not think of this as replacing your natural accent; rather, it will be an additional skill to use to your advantage. The end goal is not to standardize your speech for the sake of homogeneity, but to equip you with the tools necessary to express yourself as you desire.

For those who wish to acquire an accent other than Standard American, our colleagues at New York Speech Coaching offer what is known as dialect coaching.

Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching is appropriate for anyone wishing to improve their communication despite not having a communication “impairment”. Speech coaching provides instruction in the overall enhancement of an individual’s speaking voice and communication skills. Speech coaching encompasses work on clarity, tone, projection, breath, presentation skills, public speaking, executive presence, preparation technique, impromptu speaking, and media training, among many other subdisciplines.

A component of speech coaching is commonly referred to as “Corporate Speech Pathology”. With this, individuals may work with a speech therapist or speech coach to improve communication in the workplace. This may include improving presentation skills, developing a more authoritative voice, honing your executive presence, and more.

We are happy to offer a free 15-minute phone conversation to determine which service is appropriate for you!