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Skype / Offsite Services

New York Speech Pathology is excited to offer therapy from the comfort of your home or office via SKYPE or FaceTime sessions. Many of our clients live outside the direct NYC area, and Skype or FaceTime are excellent alternatives to in-person sessions, depending on the type of service and your place of residence. Due to licensure laws between states, telepractice (the use of telecommunication technology to provide speech-language services) may not be available for every location. Please inquire and we would be happy to determine if Skype is an appropriate option for you!

We also offer off-site services for those in or around the NYC area, in which the clinician travels to your home or office to conduct an evaluation or provide therapy.

Please inquire as to whether or not your particular therapy needs can be achieved via Skype.

There is no difference in price between in-person sessions and Skype sessions. Please inquire within to receive information about our session rates.

Evaluations are done exclusively in-person due to the nature of the speech-language evaluation process.

Yes! Skype is a wonderful alternative to coming to the clinic on days when inclement weather causes issues with transportation. Please note, however, that Skype is not available for all types of services.

Of course! Skype lessons are available to all clients if the service and location are appropriate for telepractice.

We are happy to travel to your home or office to conduct both evaluations and treatment sessions. Off-site services are available in all five boroughs of New York, as well as Long Island.

To account for transportation time, an additional fee will be added to your session price. For more information, please contact Alaina at