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At New York Speech Pathology, our mission is to create a compassionate, nurturing environment to best serve our clients. We seek to endow individuals with the ability to express themselves fully, as a means to realizing their greatest potential. Dedication to providing healing and assistance for those with speech and language difficulties of all varieties fuels our clinicians. Our practice was founded on a basis of compassion, commitment, and creativity. As such, we strive to maintain a spirit of positivity, encouragement, and hospitality inside and outside of therapy. It is our desire to provide a resource for the speech-language pathology community in an effort to enhance not only the lives our clients, but of all individuals with communication needs.

The clinicians at New York Speech Pathology have been trained in the areas of Speech Therapy, Speech Coaching, and Voice Teaching, offering a unique, integrated approach to treatment. We incorporate knowledge of the underlying neurological, anatomical, and physiological components of communication with the philosophy and principles of speech coaching and vocal artistry to provide holistic intervention. This combination of tools from the worlds of performance, public speaking, voice enhancement, executive training, and more yields a creative yet practical treatment setting. We incorporate these skills into therapeutic methodologies to make treatment not only effective, but applicable to real-world scenarios. We believe in addressing not only the disorder itself, but overall strong communication.

When appropriate, we work closely with the caregivers and families of clients to ensure maximal progress. Complete consideration of each client’s cultural and linguistic background lies at the forefront of evaluations and treatment, as this impacts a person’s speech, language, and communicative functioning.

We are also pleased to offer specialty services based on the unique training and clinical experience of our clinicians. Among these are Singing Voice Rehabilitation, Bilingual Services, Accent Modification, and Speech Coaching (Corporate Speech Pathology). Read more about these services on our Specialties Page.

Prior to commencing therapy, an initial consultation is conducted to assess a client’s baseline functioning. The initial consultation will include obtaining relevant history of the speech or language concern, diagnostic measures, and patient/caregiver interview. The initial consultation is critical in determining the necessary treatment approach and protocol.

For those who would like a more in-depth evaluation report, we conduct thorough evaluations to assess the speech and language of children, teens, and adults. The assessment process varies based on individual concerns. In addition to the components of the initial consultation, each evaluation will include assessment of related communication domains, an extended case-history, appropriate medical documentation, and communication with other professionals when appropriate. Prior to an evaluation, we will conduct a free 15-minute phone conversation to determine the assessment methodologies appropriate for you or your child’s concerns.

After the initial consultation or evaluation, the clinician will provide you with a treatment plan including a recommended frequency and total number of sessions. However, the frequency of sessions is at your discretion and amenable based on progress. Though most clients are seen for treatment once per week, a handful prefer or are recommended to receive more frequent sessions depending on severity, type of condition/disorder, and urgency to remediate the issue. We are happy to work with you to determine how many sessions will fit your specific needs. This can be adjusted at any time.

Most therapy sessions are one-hour in length. For young children, however, we recommend 30-minute sessions to maintain participation and satisfaction.

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